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A Rating Community For the Photographers of LJ
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This is the perfect community for those of us that like to take pictures of anything and everything. Even if you don't take many pictures, but still like to observe other's pictures, this is still the perfect community.

Every once in a while, I will throw out a random thing to take a picture of. Whether it's something to express an emotion (Happy, sad, angry, etc.), something in a certain color group (Red, blue, purple, etc.), or just an object (shoe, lamp, dog, etc.).


[[ General Rules ]]

{~} You must submit an application
{~} You cannot tell other people whether they are accepted or not, until you have been accepted.
{~} Do not comment on stamped members if you have not been accepted yet. (Except on your own application.)
{~} Please do not complain if you have been rejected. You put yourself out there to be judged, no one forced you.
{~} Try not to start too much shit.
{~} Don't fuck with stamped members.
{~} Don't fuck with a mod. (that's right. she isn't kidding. she will kill you until you are dead.)

[[ Accepted Members ]]

|.*.| ALWAYS put ALL posts in picture__lust on FRIENDS ONLY.
|.*.| You may post obscene things. A picture of your best friend flipping the camera off is OKAY, but if they're naked, do NOT post it.
|.*.| Don't post stupid things, like quizzes, leave that shit for your personal journals.
|.*.| Try not to start shit with people. It's a fucking photography community, not a "LET'S ALL BITCH AT EACHOTHER AND CALL EACHOTHER DUMB ASSHOLES!" community. If you absolutely have to bitch, take it to your personal journals or IM. Actually, on second thought, do keep it in here. I always love a good fight!
|.*.| DO NOT steal eachothers pictures for personal use without consent of the photographer. Taking a picture of my cat and posting it on your webpage is NOT allowed unless you ask.
|.*.| When you post, PLEASE put things in an LJ-CUT tag. (Not sure how to do this? Go here.) It makes things simple. Posting 5 pictures of the same thing, and making me look at it all on the journal page, pisses me off. Don't do it.
|.*.| When voting on new applicants, CLEARLY state "yes", "no", or "undecided" either in the subject, or in bold. This makes it easier for the mods to count.
|.*.| Do not just judge applicants on their typing, spelling, or grammar. See this post.
|.*.| Don't suck. Follow the rules, and we'll all get along. If you decide to be a dumbass, you will be banned.

[[ Applying ]]

# You must submit an application within 3 days of joining. If not, we will boot you.
# If you did not submit an application, we have booted you, and you wish to return, you may contact a mod through commenting in their journal or IM.
# Use an LJ-CUT
# To make sure you read the rules, put "We open up the lens and can't stop." as your subject line.
# Also put "Capturing Attempt." as your LJ-CUT line.
# Put the ENTIRE application under an LJ-CUT, or I will murder you.
# There is a 24 hour time frame to vote, although it may take longer. After at least 10 votes, you will be stamped.
# Majority rules.
# You must fill out the following. If you fail to fill in all blank spaces, you will be automatically rejected.
# If you have been rejected, and still for some odd reason wish to be part of this community, you may re-submit an application in 5 days.
# You may only re-submit twice.

# Read Morgan's HowTo.

++ Application ++

+ Name:
+ Age:
+ Sex:
+ Location:
+ Favorite colors:
+ A few of your fav-o-rite things:
+ Some things you don't like:
+ Tell us about your camera:
+ What do you mostly take pictures of?:
+ Describe yourself, make it interesting:
+ Tell us your favorite childhood memory:
+ If you could have three wishes, what would they be?:
+ What are a few things that are most important to you?:
+ What is YOUR definition of photography?:
+ Post a few pictures (at least one of yourself - no more than 7 pictures):
+ For promotional purposes, and getting more members, please promote us to at least two people, or one community (show links):
+ And last, WHY should we accept you?

If you are non-talented with HTML, copy and paste the following code into an entry.

-: A Few Application Tips :-

[%] Put some effort into your answers. I don't want to fall asleep. People who barely put any effort, put off the vibe of...having no personality. We don't want robots.
[%] Personalize the colors...show us you're creative.
[%] For mod's sake, BOLD the questions, that way it's easier to read. (But Kat dearest, when you copy the application it's already bolded! :-D -- But Pang dearest, not everyone will copy the stuff out of the text field. -- okay. you win. :-Þ -- Kat always wins.)
[%] Extra promoting never hurt anyone. O=.)


{{~}} You are welcome to create your own promotional banners, accepted or rejected stamps. Just post or submit it to a mod, and of course we will give you credit for them.</span>


Moderator: Kat
Personal journal: shakenthoughts
AIM: ShAkEn ThOuGhTs
YAHOO: shakenthoughts
e-mail: vicious_kitten_64@hotmail.com
A little about her:
Kat is the owner of this community.
She has a split-personality, and her
religion is art. She's a pervert. You
must forgive her for this. She'll hate you
if you confuse "they're" with "their".
Photography makes her happy. Her cat is
her best friend. She thinks fish definitely have feelings.
She is secretly not the opposite of un-gay.
The end.

Co-Mod: Nikki
Personal journal: lockedinacloset
AIM: DramaAngelBabe
e-mail: bessiegoesmooo@gmail.com
A little about her:
This is Nikki, the other Co-Mod.
Her picture isn't completely accurate,
because the only time you'll see her without
headphones on is when she's sleeping. And that's
only because she's afraid they'll go pyscho
and try to strangle her in her sleep.
Often mistaken for Goldie Locks by
the elderly and the slightly intoxicated, she
swears to buddha that Santa Clause is real.
Oh and she is definitely not half as cool as the other Mods.
(Nikki is also a compulsive liar.)


blackmajick -> Chris

whereisxyourboy -> Alli

rainbowfaerie13 & q1 -> Kari

ms_directed -> Anai ~ Annie

insignifigant -> Corey

__sim_ -> Simone (Sim)

stuckinadream08 -> Tierney

pang_aaron & __panguin -> Pang

mansontwigtrent -> Lauren

lockedinacloset -> Nikki

iamahobbit -> Caitlin

nostalgia__ -> Laura

x3preshuz -> Kristy

everso___sweet -> Annee (Retired)

aloxic & photokiss & dxll -> Morgan

spinninghead & thrumylens -> Rose

karebear8699 -> Kristin

ihateemukids -> MJ

fuckmehardnfast & nolovenolife -> Lacy

mellowminded & _thehots -> Crissy

therazzledazzle -> Raaz

crackforkt -> K-T

red_tango_dress -> Joz

sintek -> Walter the GEEK.

heystella -> Nikko

only_lonly -> Meghan

moonlightwaltz -> Kryss

pinkfun005 -> KT

superlindsey712 -> Lindsey

numb_nutz -> Monique

meggerweggers -> Meaghan

gsquared -> Gabrielle ~ GG

wannabearound -> Rosa

pukpusher -> Ian

cali_xo -> Cali

reversedtale -> Rhia

odiedw -> Danny

fabyouless -> JimBobJimmyJoe

r3d_lost -> Bobbi ~ Syn

smckdwn300 -> Chuck

drowningmermaid -> Amie

perfidy & notes__ -> Jessi

andsoitbegins -> Dot Lowe

midnightxxsun -> Kate

ickevwtc -> Yvonne

syntheticrain -> Keshia

aimerzjd -> Aimee

_blistermypaint -> Malyssa Lynn

hoodxornament -> Margaret

grubin -> Grubin

violentsmile -> Joanna

inhale_exhale -> Lavana

adellouie -> Adel

backinblack23 -> Chelsea

trustxfear -> Christina

thenewyear -> K.C.

sharony -> Sharona

webkid -> Sid

candyc0ated & candyc0atedevil -> Melanie

crazy_clockwork -> Jessica

long_sleevies -> Alyssa

toxicobsession -> Donna

machinedance -> Kath

buddah43 -> Stef

balthaser -> Enid

triscuitbox -> Megan Leigh Sandover-Sly

is_this_her -> Kimberly Ann

jasonforpres -> Jason

whatupitsandrea -> Andrea

chaotic_whim -> Ellen

footspaz -> Courtney

i_wanna_die -> For being a lame photographer and druggie -> Sloth
neverland______ -> For just being lame. -> Kati
__makeoutbandit -> For nothing but snapshots. -> Alaina
heartless_jen -> For being heartless. -> Jen
vistana -> Because majority rules, duh. -> Rianne
dwellindarkness -> For thinking crappy webcam shots is art. -> TeElle
lacaffeine -> For boring the shit out of voters. -> Kay
jacqu7100 -> For too many picture of herself. -> Jacquelyn
__confusedwords -> Not picture__lust material. -> Megan
atearofcrimson -> LOLHXC. -> Brianna
fonzerelli -> Look at my mouth. -> Angie
randystuart -> Webcam snapshots. -> Jordan
krystuh -> ROFLWTF? -> Christine
toxic1305 -> Boring. -> Shannon
artistic_eyes -> Changing for acceptance of peers. -> Erin
youreveryletter -> Not including photos in application? What the hell? -> Meagan
tardfaceextreme -> Not PL material. -> Annie
timetoknowbe -> Her world is nothing but black&white. -> Rachel

armondpb -> For calling our wonderful mod Kat the 'c' word.
chelsea_darling -> For this bullshit.

{{| If you wish to see the applications, look through our memories. |}}

{ 05 | 06 | 05 }

Themes for the next two weeks shall be
# Summertime.

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