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I accidentally left my camera in manual (i usaully shoot in aperture priority) after playing around with reversing the lens. Thus, these are over exposed, but I like the results.
Shot with:
Nikon D70s
Tamron 75-300 f/3.5-5 macro
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Leaving . . .

Sorry, this community just isn't for me. Not only is it poorly managed, and lacking creativity, but it's also to the brink of being dead. The community isn't what it was perceived to be, and that was a critiquing community. It seems that it's just a place where people can upload their snapshots and try to get an uprise out of people. I've seen a few members even go as far as not even leaving a reason behind their voting when applicants are applying to the community. So what is this communities main focus? Applicants who apply more likely than not, get a simple yes or no answer. Which isn't helping them, and only makes them second guess even picking up a camera. If the accepted members and moderators of the community don't even take the time to give a reason behind their voting and maybe tips on how to improve next time they apply. . . then why even have an application process? It's useless. . . and if the moderators don't have the time to atleast vote or have a good word of encouragement to the applicants, then why is it that they are trying to run a community. If you don't have the time for something, and can't put in the full effort... why do it half assed?

Well, I'm done ranting. . . goodbye.
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We open up the lens and can't stop

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EDIT: I have chosen to withdraw my application. When I applied I was under the impression that this was a constructive and creative community but after seeing the arbitrary denials (lacking in explanation) I have lost the desire to join. Perspective members seeing responses like "nope" and "no" on application posts hardly inspire one to promote this community for acceptance either.
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