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A Rating Community For the Photographers of LJ

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Kat is the creator and lovely head moderator of Picture__Lust. She is backed by Nikki, as her first lovely co-moderator, and is currently seeking a third moderator. This is the perfect community for those of us that like to take pictures of anything and everything. For those of us infatuated with photography.

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All of the rules can be found HERE. Some rules aren't enforced as much as others, but the most important three are #1 Don't post or comment until you're accepted. #2 Always use an LJ-CUT. #3 Don't be an asshole. kthx.

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[12 | 18 | 07 + 02:20PM]

Four of my photos from Art Basel and a few quotes from me.
And yes, while these photos were taken with a digital, the article pertains to photography as art.

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[05 | 17 | 07 + 01:41AM]


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[07 | 18 | 06 + 02:30AM]


I accidentally left my camera in manual (i usaully shoot in aperture priority) after playing around with reversing the lens. Thus, these are over exposed, but I like the results.
Shot with:
Nikon D70s
Tamron 75-300 f/3.5-5 macro
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[03 | 23 | 06 + 11:15AM]


Image hosting by Photobucket
sorry it's sooo small
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sandy toes [03 | 22 | 06 + 02:29PM]


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Spring [03 | 22 | 06 + 04:28PM]

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Photos from High School [02 | 19 | 06 + 09:20PM]

My ceramic doll, Chrissy. I took this picture of her in high school (1997) and my teacher wanted more so I was forced to do the scratches. I like it despite the scratches.
Image hosting by TinyPic

Contact print done the same year. Objects: a shell, a crystal point, a key, a ball chain and a miniature iron mask.
Image hosting by TinyPic
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More pictures from my walk... [02 | 05 | 06 + 08:51PM]

Random Things of Beauty

Image hosting by TinyPic

Beauty in the Eye of the BeholderCollapse )
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Bow down and worship [02 | 05 | 06 + 07:56PM]

Today I walked around the city with my dog for 2 hours taking pictures in 35 degree temperatures.

Welcome to Historic Petersburg, Illinois.
My name is Amie and I'll be your tourguide for the evening.

unfortunately, our digital camera (Kodak EasyShare C340) is malfunctioning (i.e. the lens is no longer opening up completely), so when I don't zoom, you see a dark spot in some of the pictures. It looks really great in some shots, in others I'll just have to cut my losses because I'm really pleased with everything you're about to see.

Image hosting by TinyPic
I love the sun flare in this picture but took another just because.

More ChurchesCollapse )
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What am I? [02 | 03 | 06 + 07:36PM]

Edit: I think this would be an interesting theme type of thing...
taking pictures of things and not telling people what it is and have them guess.

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I amCollapse )

Is that a good idea or what? Input?
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